To Whom It May Concern;

To the individuals reading this now, I beseech you not to add me to the long list of morose, despondent and run down young adults that are so displeased with their lives that they must write a blog to release their feelings.

‘Those who are unhappy have no need for anything in this world but people capable of giving them their attention.’ [Simone Well, Waiting On God]

I genuinely only want to help others with my deep and grotesque ravings. Only to project the understanding that they are not the only ones in this vast universe to feel depleted from the tiring day-to-day warfare raging in their minds.

‘As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When is looked upon as vulgar is will cease to be popular.’ [Oscar Wilde, The Critic Artist]

Let my existence play as an “out” for you. Get lost in my sadness and forget yours for a while.